1. General provisions: definitions

1.1 Volvo Car Gent: The car plant Volvo Car, part of the legal entity Volvo Cars plc. with headquarters in Kennedylaan 25, 9000 Ghent. Volvo Car Gent can be visited by groups, under conditions and on payment, except for the paint shop.

1.2 Visitors: each visitor who pays a visit to Volvo Car Gent, guided by a company guide.

1.3 industryvisit.com, the booking site for the online registration of your visit, by Thinline bvba with registered office Slachthuisstraat 2, 9000 Ghent.


2. Applicability

2.1 These Terms and conditions apply to all visitors (See 1.2).

2.2 Deviations from these Terms and Conditions will only be valid if they have been agreed explicitly and written.

2.3. These Terms and Conditions, including the rates mentioned on the website, are valid from 1 July 2013 and can be changed by Volvo Car Gent and / or industryvisit.com at any time.


3. Admission to Volvo Car Gent

3.1 All visitors (See 1.2) have requested and booked this visit online via the booking site volvocars.industryvisit.com. The request will only be validated after the receipt of the charge for admission and after the required information, such as the names of all visitors and the declaration that they are 14 years or older, is passed on correctly and in time, and after the receipt of a confirmation mail.

All visitors should be accompanied by a company guide, whose instructions are to be followed. When these guidelines are not observed, the visit can be broken off, without giving the right to be reimbursed. The same applies for visitors who

• are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or substances with similar effects
• are disturbing or have the intention to disturb the public order
• visit parts of the plant that are not open to the public
• leave the group
• endanger their own or other people’s safety

3.2 A visit is only valid on the date and hour, booked in advance.

3.3 Volvo Car Gent is entitled to cancel a booked visit in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as an unexpected production stop, a change of plans in the production of models that are not yet released publicly, or each other form of circumstances beyond our control. In this case, the visitor will receive a voucher for a visit on another moment. A cancellation from Volvo Car Gent’s part, due to one of the circumstances mentioned above, is no reason for a reimbursement of the charge for admission.  

3.4 In order to protect the privacy of our employees, it is not allowed to take photographs during the tour, without prior and written permission and with approval of the guide or another entitled employee of Volvo Car Gent. It is only allowed to take photographs of the reception building or at the main entrance.

3.5 Visitors enter a place that is meant for production activities. For this reason, visitors should always stay on the marked walking aisles and stay in group with the guide and follow his/her instructions.

3.6 Visitors are wearing safety vests in order to be identified as a visitor and to be clearly visible for employees, for their own safety. We ask our visitors to wear clothes that are appropriate to an industrial working environment, with sturdy shoes. Sandals, slippers or other loose footwear are for safety reasons not allowed. We ask technical schools to bring safety shoes.

3.7 For security reasons, each visitor should be identifiable. A visitor, whose face is not visible and who refuses to show his/her face at the access control, will be refused access to Volvo Car Gent.

3.8 The access to Volvo Car Gent is limited for wheelchair users. They are welcome if there are enough members in the group to help the wheelchair users to cross some thresholds.


4. Visit Volvo Car Gent

4.1 The visit is on own account and at own risk.

4.2 The visitor is obliged to comply with these Terms and Conditions and the instructions given by the employees of Volvo Car Gent, clearly identifiable as such. When a visitor acts in contravention of these Terms and Conditions or the instructions given by an employee, the visitor can be refused further access, without Volvo Car Gent being liable to compensate any damage or to reimburse the charge for admission.

4.3 The minimum age to visit Volvo Car Gent is 16. People under 18 years are only allowed to visit the company if accompanied by an adult.

4.4 Each visitor is liable for the damage he/she caused

4.5 On several places in Volvo Car Gent, there is camera surveillance. Images will be kept in conformity with the legal provisions (the Personal Data Protection Act) and if necessary made available to the police.

4.6 In case of unforeseen circumstances, Volvo Car Gent is entitled to refuse access and to bring all present visitors outside the company. In the latter case, visitors should stay with their guide. The group will receive a voucher for another visit. No refund will be made.


5. Plant Rules

5.1 Visitors:

a. Shall always stay on the walking aisles, accompanied by the guide
b. Shall never walk on or between production lines or disturb the production
c. Shall not disturb employees or interrupt their activities
e. May not smoke
f. May not eat or drink, except for the reception
g. Are not allowed to take photographs or make a film, without prior written permission from the board of Volvo Car Gent
h. Should not use mobile phones inside the plants 
i. May not touch the bodies of the cars

5.2 Parents, teachers and other supervisors are responsible and accountable at all times for the behaviour of the minors, individuals or groups they are accompanying.

5.3 There will be appointed one guide for a group, which contains maximum 15 members. When this number is exceeded, with a maximum of 30 visitors, you should book two groups and two guides. Volvo Car Gent is entitled to refuse groups which do not meet these requirements.


6. Refunds

6.1 Neither Volvo Cars Ghent nor industryvisit.com are obligated to refund a non-used entrance ticket

6.2 Following circumstances do never lead to any obligation on the part of Volvo Car Gent to refund the visitor:

a. When one or several parts of Volvo Car Gent are closed
b. When the arranged date and time of the visit have changed, if mentioned in time
c. In case of loss of the entrance ticket


7. Liability

7.1 Volvo Car Gent is only liable for damage sustained by the visitor, directly caused by negligence or on purpose on the part of Volvo Car Gent. Volvo Car Gent is not liable for damage caused when the visitor does not observe the guidelines or the Terms and Conditions


8. Complaints

8.1 In case of complaints, the visitor can send a mail to volvocars@industryvisit.com.


9. Online payments

9.1 Depending on the type of payment, the online payments are done by a secured Ogone account, in the name of Evenidys ltd., linked to the KBC bank account BE20 7370 3893 7156, or via a secured MultiSafepay account, in the name of Thinline bvba - VAT BE0806.187.883 - Slachthuisstraat 2 - 9000 Ghent - 09/330 03 20.


10. Other Terms and Conditions and Applicable Law

10.1 In case of dispute, the court in Ghent is having jurisdiction.

This Terms and Conditions of Volvo Car Gent are approved by the board and are available on the website volvocars.industryvisit.com and at the reception.

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